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OTR Fuel & Maintenance Locations

For OTR hard copy directory orders, please call 866.51SALES.

Order PlusCheks

You can now order Fleet One PlusCheks online: Click Here. For questions or to order by phone, call 800.359.7587.

Why Use a Fuel Card?

Are you gambling with your company's financial success? Do you know WHY you need a fuel card? Click here to find out more.

Calculate The Savings

Calculate the SavingsUse Fleet One and the savings add up. Use our savings calculator and find out how much!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Fleet One helped us as we were starting our business. Thanks so much. Great customer support.

JSK Enterprises


Local Fleet. If your business or organization uses cars, vans or trucks and travels in a local or regional area, Fleet One Local is for you!


Over The Road Fleet. If your company uses 18-wheeler tractor-trailers. Or you drive OTR routes overnight, Fleet One Over The Road is for you!

Local Merchant. If your store or fuel site needs "Local" fleet customers, accept it . . . You need Fleet One Local!


Over The Road Merchant. If your truck stop needs more valuable "OTR" fleet customers, accept it . . . You need Fleet One Over The Road!

Product Highlights

Permit Services. Our easy to use online Permit Services program helps you obtain temporary Fuel, Trip, and Oversize/Overweight permits for your drivers at reasonable prices. To contact us about an order, please call 877.251.7639.

Factoring. Fleet One Factoring is a custom accounts receivable financing program designed exclusively for the transportation industry. It quickly delivers the funds you need to manage your fleet. Fleet One Factoring . . .Simple. Affordable. Straightforward.

For more information about these services, please call 866.51SALES or email us about Factoring or Permit Services.

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