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Sunoco Accepts Fleet One

SunocoFleet One Local is now accepted at Sunoco locations. Visit our Local Site Directory to find a Sunoco location near you.

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Fleet One helped us as we were starting our business. Thanks so much. Great customer support.

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Local Fuel Card

If your business uses cars, vans or trucks, Fleet One Local Fuel Cards can make your jobeasier with security, control, convenience and savings. Use the Fleet One Local card to pay for fuel and maintenance. With reduced fraud and more control, the savings add up. See the savings by using our Local savings calculator. And you can find the fuel locations you need by using our online directory.

See below to read more about our Fleet One Local features and benefits.    INQUIRE TODAY!

More Local Features and Benefits

We provide you with experienced customer care professionals and a secure, easy-to-use Online Account Management program that empowers you to track your purchases online, identify or prevent unauthorized transactions, and perform routine account maintenance such as . . .

  • Order additional cards or replace lost, damaged or stolen cards
  • Perform driver ID updates and card maintenance
  • Perform one-time overrides on cards limits
  • View/download ID number lists or card/unit number lists
  • Download invoices, activity reports and raw data files
  • Electronic Payment Options - You can also use InternetPay to pay your invoice quickly and easily online. Or use AutoPay to have your account automatically drafted on the payment due date. Or FaxPay using our ElectroniChek. 
  • Grant employees web security access to perform supervisor functions
  • Search Fleet One merchants by site, city, state, county, amenity, or any combination
  • Print your own fuel and maintenance directories 

Already a customer? To sign up, simply call Customer Care at 800.359.7587. Interested in becoming a customer? Call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

Harness the power and precision of GPS technology. Have complete command of your companGPSy's mobile assets. With Fleet One GPS services, you can expect:

  • Reduced after-hours use and out-of-route miles
  • Verification of time spend at job sites
  • Increased driver and vehicle security
  • Maximized utilization of your mobile assets - vehicles and drivers
  • Faster recovery of stolen vehicles and equipment
See an online demo. Contact us today for more information, complete our online form or call us at 866.51SALES (866.517.2537)

Fuel is a vital part of operating your fleet whether it is acquired at retail or at your unattended cardlock facility.  That's why Fleet One has made it easier than ever to acquire fuel, control pumps, and track consumption data at your facility, thanks to our custom On-Site Fuel Services.

We can capture all of your on-site fuel data for you, by driver or by card, provide consolidated billing of your retail and on-site purchases while delivering the same reliable security you receive with Fleet One Local transactions.

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email

Fleet One Local cards generate accurate transaction reports with line-item detail that helps you see and control your fleet expenses. We consistently capture more data than our competitors on every transaction, and allow you to monitor your drivers' fueling activity and vehicle data online through a real-time reporting system. Reports can be sent to multiple locations through multiple methods. View reports online or create custom reports from data we capture . . . 

  • Transactions by individual driver, by date
  • Card, unit, and state transactions by date
  • Transactions by driver ID, by date
  • Miles per gallon on each vehicle
  • The last transaction or attempted transaction by a particular vehicle
  • Weekly transactions by driver ID
  • Weekly transactions by driver

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

Simply provide us with proof of your fuel tax-exempt status for federal and/or state fuel taxes, and we will deliver upfront tax-exempt billing on gas and diesel purchases. No rebates. No waiting. Just instant savings.

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

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