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Build your brand, retain customers and attract new fleets. With several options available, select a Private Label program that’s best for your business.

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Want more pump and inside customers? Accept Fleet One cards today and we'll help you grow your business. We also offer a Rebate Network, Direct Billing and Reporting, Local card acceptance and Private Label services.

You'll benefit right away from:

  • Volume. We steer our fleet customers to your locations for fuel and maintenance. We also help you retain your existing fleet customers, and find new ones too!
  • Marketing. We offer a full suite of marketing services like our online and printed directories that help you actively promote your locations.
  • Quick Settlement. We send your funds in a timely and accurate manner. Choose daily or weekly settlements and have your funds deposited via ACH (Automatic Clearing House), or receive a check.

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537), fill out the form below, or email us directly.


Number of Diesel Vehicles:

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More Merchant Services
Want to grow your fuel volume and increase your in-store traffic? The Fleet One Rebate Network helps you:
  • Increase gallons pumped at your locations.
  • Increase your in-store sales opportunities.
  • Build your fleet relationships.
  • Reduce your transaction fees!
  • Spread the word! Our fuel directory will list you as a Rebate Network member.
  • Reward your customers! Accumulated rebates for fleets actually go to the fleets.

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

Direct Bill. We can automate direct billing programs for our OTR merchants and capture transaction data as it occurs.

Reporting. We offer our merchants smart reporting tools such as settlement reports, corporate settlement files, and monthly volume reports.

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

We also offer fuel card services to cars, vans and small trucks. If you want access to thousands of Fleet One Local customers, sign up to accept the Local fuel card today! Or for more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

Your Very Own Fuel Card? Believe It! Fleet One Private Label Helps You:

  • Grow your business
  • Lower your merchant fees
  • Eliminate bad debt & cost of collections
  • Keep track of it all with project management
  • Keep existing fleets - attract new fleets
  • Eliminate the headache of credit & collection

Choose the Private Label package that's right for you. You can customize your private label or you can start growing with a Starter Private Label package and upgrade anytime! 

For more information, call 866.51SALES (866.517.2537) or email.

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