Fuel Savings Calculator - Fleet One Local can help you save time and money and gain control over the way you fuel your vehicles.
Determine your potential savings - Just complete the information below to determine your potential savings from using Fleet One Local.
Estimated Annual Fuel Cost:  
Est. number of receipts that you process in a year:  
Annual cost to process receipts (est. @ $0.50 per receipt):  
Estimated Annual "Slippage":  
Total Driver hours spent each year on receipts:  
Annual cost to company to reimburse drivers for fuel receipts:  
Total yearly fueling expense: Percent
Annual Fees Savings:
Estimated Total Fleet Savings:
Number of vehicles:
Average price of fuel per gallon: Find the current average in your state.
Average # of fill-ups per vehicle per week:
Average # of gallons to fill up a vehicle:
Average # of minutes your drivers spend per week on receipts:
(Industry research shows that the average is 10 minutes)
Average cost to process each receipt:
(Industry research shows that the average cost to process a receipt is $.50)
Number of drivers:
Average driver hourly wage:
Estimated % of unauthorized purchases:
(Industry research shows that the average is between 10% and 15%)
Fees (per month including card, statement, reports):
*Fleet One does not charge a per card fee, online statement fees, online account management fees or online reporting fees per month.
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Savings come from the reduction or elimination of administrative time and expense associated with fueling your vehicles.