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Fall 2010 Issue

Private Label

Fleet One is proud to announce that Lake Station, IN-based Blue Ox Travel Plaza has partnered with Fleet One to process their new Blue Ox private label program for its Local customers. Blue Ox accepts both Fleet One OTR & Local fuel cards.


Are you a member of an association, group or other organization? If so, we want to hear from you! We’d like to offer your association a customized Fleet One fuel card that allows members to purchase their fuel with our generous discounts.

Please let us know where you are an active member by contacting:
Jeff Stuck
Channel Manager

Fleet One Hot Seat

Get to know the Fleet One Family!


1. What is the one thing you absolutely could not live without?
2. If you had a super power, what would it be?
3. If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be?

Laila Sotoodeh, Corporate Recruiter
1. It's a toss up between my dogs and coffee...but now that I wrote that out I have to say my dogs.
2. I have always wanted to fly and although this would save me thousands on airfare, I think I'll change it to the ability to grant wishes.
3. A fully stocked boat.

Serge Mirault, Database Administrator
1. Spicy food.
2. Telekinesis.
3. An axe/knife.

Gaye Scott, Office Assistant
1. Drinking water.
2. Traffic genie.
3. MP3 player and music.

Industry Events

Stop by and visit us at these shows:

National Association of Convenience Stores
Booth # 2128
Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA

Factor Factoring Into Your Cash Flow Equation

 In today’s current, challenging, economic climate many fleet owners are feeling the pinch when it comes to cash flow. One option for solving a strained cash flow situation is to incur debt. But with debt, of course, there is the cost of debt that has to be dealt with. So, many fleet owners are turning to factoring programs to keep cash flowing when their accounts receivables payments are not arriving on time.

What is Financial Factoring?
Factoring is a financial transaction tool that allows a fleet owner to sell its accounts receivable invoices, at a slight discount, to a factor, like Fleet One. Once the sale is completed, the fleet owner would have immediate access to the money. Many customers of fleet owners are forced by economic conditions to take longer than usual to pay accounts payables. Factoring is a way to increase cash flow quickly. 
The Difference Between Factoring And A Loan
Lines of credit, or other bank loans, require that a firm be “credit worthy” before they can obtain a loan. However, the factor company bases its decision on the value of the accounts payables (the asset). More importantly, using a factoring company does not involve getting a loan. The fleet owner would simply be “selling” an asset for the needed cash. 
Factoring offers many advantages to the fleet owner
1. When you begin to use a factoring service, you often receive funding for your qualified accounts in 24 hours or less.
2.   Using factoring to stabilize your cash flow will help your credit standing because you will not have debt showing on your balance sheet. And, the additional cash will allow you to pay your own bills on time. 
3.   Your administrative costs will be less because the factoring company takes care of the steps necessary for processing and collecting your invoices. 
What account management services can you expect from Fleet One Factoring?
  • Accounts receivable financing programs that are custom-designed to match your fleet’s specific needs.
  • Full credit services on your customers to ensure you get paid for making your deliveries.
  • Collection management services that improve your cash flow and reduce collections risk due to bad debt.
  • Real-time, online, account management and accounts receivable information reporting to assist you in managing your customer relationships and your business.

Call Fleet One today and let us show you how you can use factoring to its fullest advantage for your fleet - 877.275.8801 or

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Surveys and the Pursuit of Perfection

I think I speak for all of my co-workers here at Fleet One when I say that each day, we strive to give our customers a perfect experience every time they use their Fleet One account.
There’s an old adage that says that perception is reality. What others perceive about you is, to them, the truth and their reality. As a company, Fleet One is thinking a great deal about this pearl of wisdom, and we are trying to take it to our corporate heart.
To get a brutally honest assessment of what you, our customers and partners, think of us and how we’re meeting your needs, Fleet One has recently begun a series of surveys. This is an ongoing process that will touch every aspect of our business on a regular basis. We are dedicated to making these evaluations a part of our culture, and have already begun to add the surveys to our Welcome Kits and account activation emails. If you haven’t yet been invited to participate, be patient; we are focusing on one individual section of the Fleet One structure with each survey, and we’ll reach out to all groups in the weeks to come. We promise not to overwhelm you with constant requests for evaluations. Our goal is to step back from a somewhat ‘business-as-usual’ mindset and listen to what you have to say about how you think we are doing.
After evaluating the results from the initial feedback, we are pleased to see that our overall customer satisfaction rate is very high. As we read your honest assessments of our products and services, we’re learning. Your outside-looking-in perspective is proving invaluable in our quest to become the perfect fuel card company. Fleet One truly appreciates hearing what you have to say and your ideas for helping move us even closer to our goal of 100% satisfaction. We hope that you won’t wait until you receive one of our communications to share your ideas with us. You may always send us your observations by e-mailing No one knows better than you how well we are fulfilling your needs. And we can’t know unless you tell us.
Michael Thompson
SVP of Sales and Marketing

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Fleet One Unveils New Factoring Website

Fleet One has launched its newly revamped website that offers more choices, faster information delivery and even greater user satisfaction. features an entirely new design that dramatically increases ease of navigation and functionality. The website allows Fleet One customers to receive real-time updates to company news and information as well as up-to-the-minute Policy & Procedures changes.

In addition to the above improvements, the overhaul includes links to Fleet One’s most popular products and services, meaning you can find more information that you need in one centralized location.
To further the website’s communication mission, the company’s top sales people write a weekly blog that is featured on, and discusses a variety of topics of interest to the transportation industry as well as observations on other popular subjects.

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OTR Customer Spotlight - Cox Transfer, Inc.

Eureka, IL- based Cox Transfer, Inc. is a truckload/flatbed common and contract carrier operating in the Midwest providing just-in-time and on-time services. With a fleet of around 100 trucks, Cox provides transportation services to customers like Caterpillar, Pepsi Americas, Procter and Gamble, GoodWill, Wal-Mart and Exxon Mobil.

In business since 1972, Cox lives up to its tagline, “On-Time. Dedicated. Dependable.” They expect dependability from their partners as well, and put their trust in Fleet One. “Fuel is our second largest expense behind payroll, so it makes sense to partner with a fuel card company that does more than simply allow trucks to fill up at truck stops,” said Robin Honeg, Manager of HR & Administration. “ Fleet One provides us with the total package – a large network of diesel fueling sites, discounts and fuel rebates, online management and reporting of our fleet fuel consumption, importing of our data directly into our transportation software, and the ability to authorize driver advances, repairs, and vendor payments on the road.  Quite honestly, fueling is the least of my worries on a daily basis. “
Fleet One and Cox Transfer have enjoyed a partnership since 1996.

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Partner Spotlight

Fleet One is proud to welcome SIRVA to our rapidly growing list of partners. SIRVA provides relocation and moving solutions to consumers, corporations and governments, moving more than 1,000 families every day in more than 175 countries around the world. Fleet One provides both Local and Over The Road cards for North American Van Lines and Allied Van Lines agents.

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